Geminiquattro Project.

The Geminiquattro Project originated from the will to implement an innovative vision: create a multi-disciplinary group to successfully address every client’s needs and objectives by leveraging the capabilities and experience of each team member, designing integrated solutions, and implementing them through a rigorous control over the planning and execution process. To accomplish this vision, four professional Firms decided to join their forces:

  1. Bandiera Architects, a well-known architectural Firm with solid national and international experience;

  2. Bonato Engineering, an structural engineering Firm, with strong Cost Estimating, Surveying, and Project Management national and international experience;

  3. Bandiera Systems, expert in the planning and execution of technological systems for the construction industry;

  4. Ubis, expert in interior and industrial design, marketing and communication.

The variety of skill sets, capabilities and professional experience of the four Firms is paired with a newly designed flexible structure. This allows for the undertaking of a range of activities regardless of the size of a project, from small jobs to the most extensive projects, always paying maximum attention to each aspect of the project. .

A systemized blending of different skills.

Multi-disciplinarity is one of pillars Geminiquattro. Our integrated design process allows different specialists to sit at the same “table” and, right from the start, to define every aspect of the project and the general project management guidelines by which the project will be managed. This ensures effective control during the entire project life and allows our team to respect the highest level of quality.

Customer assistance while objectives are being defined.

Clearly outlining the objectives of the project is a crucial step towards a successful outcome. Geminiquattro works closely with its clients in identifying and analyze their needs, which are mapped to the project goals to assure that are aligned with client’s organizational goals. Project goals and objectives are then converted into requirements and technical specifications.

The ability to assure projects deliver expected financial benefits.

Geminiquattro is capable of managing all budgetary and financial aspects of the project, from the feasibility analysis to the execution phase. Additionally, Geminiquattro has the ability to put in place project controls processes, procedures and tools that allow not only for strict budgetary oversight, but also for early identification of issues that can potentially result in increase of project budget. Once an issue is identified, our team can design the best recovery plan to assure the baseline project budget is met while proactively communicating with the clients.

Consolidated collaboration.

Geminiquattro is the end point of a path originally undertaken some time ago by the founding Firms. Bandiera Architects, Bonato Engineers, Bandiera Systems and Ubis have been working together for years on multiple projects involving architectural design, structural design, plant engineering, interior design, and marketing and communication. This has allowed, over time, the four Firms to develop a very solid understanding of each other capabilities and resources.

Total control over the entire process.

The initial project idea is crucial to define the project vision, but it is only through the execution of the project vision that project benefits are realized. Geminiquattro has the ability, the processes, and the experience to oversee all the project phases, from inception to execution.

Flexibility of activities.

One of the key characteristics of Geminiquattro is being structured as a matrix organization. The resources and skill sets necessary are selected based on the size of the project and the needs of the client and a dedicated team is created for every initiative. A Project Manager assures that the team is well coordinate, maintain proper communication with internal and external stakeholders, and leverage the centralized processes, procedures and tools to assure project success.

A single place of work.

Everyone in Geminiquattro works in close contact with all the others. This “physical” presence remains an unrivalled factor in terms of relations, information flow and effective communication.

Consolidated experience abroad.

Knowing how to function on the international scene is one of the essential requirements of our clients business environment. Thanks to a long series of assignments completed in various European and non-European countries, Geminiquattro has developed a well-established experience in the international market.

Geminiquattro is capable of blending the skills of a master artisan with the rigor of industrial production processes. Our team is able to identify the needs of the client and to translate them into a customized project with the innovation and dedication of an artisan; it has total control over the planning and delivery processes with the implementation of rigorous large-industry based controls processes. In other words, two treasures in a single chest.